Our College ‘Motto’ is to make the campus grievances free. To accomplish the motto ‘Grievance Redressal cell’ has been formed in order to quicken the redressal of grievances. The aim of the cell is to resolve the grievances of the students and staff within the framework of the college guidelines in strictly confidential manner. The grievance redressal cell ensures the highest standards of integrity and transparency and positive work culture in dealing with the grievances of the stakeholders.


1. To enable the stakeholders to lodge any type of grievances freely, frankly, transparently without any hesitation.
2. To resolve the lodged grievances with set procedure.
3. To enable stakeholders to be aware of their duties and responsibilities.
4. To make the students and staff to be accountable, self discipline and self control.
5. To resolve as quick as possible all types of grievances, complaints and malpractices including those received from students, faculty and other stakeholders.
6. To uphold the dignity of the college by ensuring strive free atmosphere in the college through promotion of cordial Student – Student relationship and Student- Teacher relationship etc.,
7. To provide responsive, accountable and easily accessible machinery for settlement of grievances and to take measures in the college to ensure expeditious settlement of grievances of students in order to maintain a harmonious educational atmosphere in the institution.
8. Advising all staff to be affectionate to words the students and not behave in a vindictive manner towards any to them for any reason.
9. To make staff of the college responsive, accountable and courteous in dealing with the students.

S.No Name Designation & Department Position
01 Smt. K.M.S. Sailaja Rani Lecturer in Computer Science Convener
02 Dr.K.Bhasakar Rao Lecturer in Economics Member
03 Sri. K.Samuel Lecturer in English Member
04 M. Syam Yadidya I B.Com (CA) Student Member
05 K. Bhumika II BA (HEP) Student Member
Procedure for Lodging Complaint

1. In order to meet the grievances of stakeholders a suggestion/complaint box has been mounted near to Principal’s Chamber.
2. Any stakeholder can drop the complaint in written in the box to enhance the quality of academic, administrative areas.
3. The students may contact the committee members or their class teachers to give grievances orally or in written.
4. The girl students may contact Women Empowerment cell to disclose their grievances orally or in written with consultation of grievance and redressal cell. Women Empowerment cell tries to resolve the issues lodged.

Procedure to Resolve the Grievances

1. The committee members convene a meeting to discuss or judge the severity and genuinity of the case.
2. Committee conducts an investigative enquiry about pros and cons of the grievance and submits its report along with the recommendations to the principal of the college.
3. After thorough discussion with the committee the principal takes further action in accordance with severity of the grievance.
4. Action taken against the grievance will be circulated to every class and pasted on the notice board.

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