Promoting Gender Sensitivity in Sri. A.B.R. Government Degree College, Repalle

        Our institution is committed to fostering an environment that respects, acknowledges, and celebrates the diverse spectrum of gender identities. Through a range of initiatives and events, we aim to create a campus where equality and inclusivity flourish.

Key Initiatives:

  1. Gender Audit: Our college conducts regular gender audits to assess our policies, practices, and physical spaces, ensuring they are inclusive and respectful of all gender identities. This ongoing assessment guides us in making necessary improvements.
  2. Sensitization Awareness: Through engaging workshops, seminars, and campaigns, we aim to sensitize our students, faculty, and staff about the importance of understanding, respecting, and embracing diverse gender identities.
  3. DISHA App Awareness: We are dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of every member of our college community. The DISHA app provides a confidential platform to report incidents of harassment or discrimination, fostering a safe environment for all.
  4. Empowering Girl-Centric Initiatives: Our college recognizes and celebrates the contributions of women in all spheres. We organize events and discussions that showcase the achievements, challenges, and aspirations of women.
  5. Self-Defence Workshops: Safety is paramount. Our self-defence workshops equip all students, irrespective of gender, with essential skills to protect themselves and enhance their confidence.
  6. Rangoli and Art for Expression: Art is a powerful means of expression. Our annual Rangoli and art events provide students with a platform to creatively communicate messages related to gender sensitivity.
  7. Sports and Cultural Competitions: We strongly encourage girl students to actively participate in sports and cultural events. Our college values and promotes gender equality, offering equal opportunities for everyone to showcase their talents.